Can someone else come down to the centre to register or pay on my behalf?

Yes, it is allowed.

Can I make payment on the first day of the class?

Kindly come at least 20 minutes before class for payment so as to avoid jam at the counter. However, do note that we may not allow payment on the first day of class for Basic Level 1 courses due to other students on the waiting list.

Are there any further group /student discounts?

As our Basic Level 1 classes are already discounted (original price at $320), we are unable to give any further discounts.

How many make up lessons am I entitled to?

All students will be entitled to 2 make up lessons for each Basic Level course.

Are there any tests?

There will be a mini test at the end of each level (excluding Extension and TOPIK classes). The test will consist of MCQs, short answers and essays (depending on the level of the student).

What are the differences between the normal and the TOPIK course?

The normal course focus on daily life usage phrases and vocabulary with the intention of the student being able to communicate proficiently in daily life. However, the TOPIK course is more academic focused e.g. strong focus on vocabulary and grammar needed for the TOPIK Level 1/2 examination.

What are the accepted modes of payment in Ganada?

We accept NETS, cash, iBanking, ATM transfer and cheque only. Please make all cheques payable to “Ganada Korean Language Centre Pte Ltd”.

Can I take the TOPIK Level 1 examination even if I am not a student of the TOPIK Level 1 course?

Yes, the TOPIK Level 1 examination is open to all. As such, we encourage students who have completed at least Intermediate Level 3 (in Ganada) to try the test.

After completing the TOPIK Level 1 course, where can I move on to?

Students who have completed the TOPIK Level 1 course can consider joining our Intermediate Level 3 classes or Extension classes which will better suit their learning pace.

What is the purpose of the TOPIK examination?

Students may use the attained certificate from the examination for work and university entrance purposes in Korea.

Will the test fees for the TOPIK examination be included in the course fees?

No, it is not compulsory for the TOPIK course students to take the examination and students will have to apply for the examination personally.

How to Choose the RIGHT Centre?

  1. NATIVE Korean Teachers
  2. LOWEST Course Fee
  3. MOST Convenient Location