Our Basic 1 Tuesday and Friday class conducted by Ms Kim Ji Hey



I have just completed my Basic 2 and will be commencing on my Basic 3 classes. My teacher, Miss Im Ji Yeon, has alot of patience teaching us. For some of us who has trouble understanding the class, she will refresh the previous chapters with us in order for us to understand the class. We had alot of fun in our classes with role-playing. Will recommend people who are interested in Korean Languages to this school.

Trigger Tay

The reason why I first chose Ganada Korean Language Centre was mainly because of its affordability and location, and I have not been disappointed. The textbooks are clear and organised and the worksheets provided are doable yet challenging enough to reinforce our learning. The teachers are native Korean as well so you can be sure to start learning the language with a solid foundation. The lessons are really fun and my teacher, Mrs Lim Ji Yeon is also really nice that I already look forward to the next class after each class ends. The lessons are always filled with laughter. Also, the pace of the lessons may not be fast, but the repetitive nature of the lessons help to reinforce my learning and help me remember along the way without much effort. I feel that overall I have progressed a lot in the language in this very short period of time.

Vanessa Goh

I have been attending lessons at Ganada since 2014 and the lesson each week has been more than just great! The teachers are native Koreans and are knowledgeable and engaging! Moreover, the class size has been kept small to allow ample interaction between the teacher and students. The affordable lesson fees and great location are plus points on top of the already great learning experience. Thumbs up for the teachers! d^-^b

Mei Hui Chan

Learning Korean at Ganada is definitely one of the highlights of my weekly schedule. Currently, I have completed Basic Level 3 and will be moving on to Basic Level 4. I would definitely recommend my friends to learn korean here. The teachers here are patient, well-informed and really approachable. My learning experience has been such a enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Tesia Chen

I have attended Korean classes since 2014. The teachers here at Ganada are very nice and patience. They can explained the grammar and vocabulary well in English. Every lesson, there will be a short revision on what we have learnt from the previous lesson. During the lessons, we get to practice conversations with our classmates and friends. The school provides worksheets for every level as additional practice on top of the textbook that we are currently using. Overall, I feel that the learning experience at Ganada was really good and relaxing and the teachers here are experienced and makes Korean a much more easier language to pick up.

Jasmine Yap

Centre Closure on 29 October 2016

Dear all, Please take note that the centre will be closed on 29 October 2016 as it is a public holiday. Thanks.

11th Korean Language Speech Contest

The Korean Embassy in Singapore and the Singapore Korean International School will be organising its 11th Korean Language Speech Contest on the 22th October 2016.   They would like to invite all learners of the Korean language to participate in this contest.   Date & Venue: Preliminary Round: 15th October 2016, 2pm Final Round: 22th

Happy Chuseok / Mooncake Festival!

15 Sep is the Korean thanksgiving (chuseok) or in our terms, also known as mooncake festival.   Wishing everyone a happy chuseok / mooncake festival!


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